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you can take care of your family and clients.

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We are Calgary's Commercial Cleaning service.

We understand that you are at your best when you are working hard to build your business - not scrubbing sinks, vacuuming floors or dusting desks. We are a cleaning service dedicated to taking the stress off busy business leaders by providing them with dependable and excellent cleaning for their offices and homes.

When you're busy growing a family and a business in Calgary, who has time to clean?

Save Time

We will free up some of your time so you can spend it growing your business and being with your family.

No Stress With The Mess

You won't have to think about cleaning, cleaners, or cleaning schedules. It is all done for you.

Look Professional

Having a messy space does not reflect well on you. We pay attention to detail so you feel great about your space.

How Tom Discovered Just How Helpful
It Was To Hire A Cleaning Company

- Rachel Primeau, Google Review

"I can’t say enough good things about Tim and his team.

The thought and care that goes into their work is so apparent, and to top it off, they’re just fantastic people! Wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend Steadfast Cleaners YYC!"

Our Services


You can show up at work knowing your office is going to be spotless for your employees and clients.


Want to hand over the keys to a sparkling new development. We make sure every bit of dust is taken care of.

Here's How We Can Help You


We need some information from you like what kind of service you need, how much space there is to cover.


We will get back to you right away with a quote that is competitive and backed with a satisfaction guarantee.


We will take care of the cleaning so you can focus on the things that matter most to you.

Steadfast Cleaners Is Trusted By:

Meet Tim McAlpine, CEO of Steadfast Cleaners YYC

As a husband, father, and business owner in Alberta, Tim McAlpine understands what it is like to feel like there is never enough time. Tim noticed how stressed out most business leaders are trying to keep their businesses clean. Constantly feeling like they did not have enough time to run their families and businesses, Tim started a company that would take away all the stress from cleaning. Tim is responsible for all the cleaning teams at Steadfast and personally guarantees that every employee will be just as committed to delivering an excellent service to all their clients.
Tim lives in Calgary with his wife, Ariane and their two kids.

We Appreciate Every Review We Get From Clients

"In an industry where it is difficult to find reliability and flexibility, Steadfast Cleaners have met the bill. Their willingness to work with us had provided us peace of mind and confidence. We are able to meet deadlines, and provide our clients with a perfect home."

Steve from Trickle Creek Homes in Calgary, AB

"Life is so crazy right now. Having Steadfast Cleaners in means everything to me.

Our home is our haven and having it sparkling in the midst of all the chaos means that the limited spare time we have right now can be focussed completely on our family instead of a dirty home. They were lifesavers."

Julia from Calgary, AB

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